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"Those frozen blue eyes
I want to hold them
to my heart,
The courage that disappeared,
Remember Once Again
--Misao (Ice Blue Eyes)

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  • About Misao
    Both anime & the real-life Misao

  • Aa! Aoshi-sama! - The Aoshi Shrine


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    Welcome to the Image Gallery dedicated to Aoshi-sama. Just click on the description for the lovely full version. :)

    More pictures coming up soon! I'm getting a scanner for Christmas, and no doubt, I'm going to go scan-crazy. :)
    Aoshi Punching Something
    Aoshi as a young Oniwabanshu
    Aoshi Punching, but on a card! :P
    Aoshi's face, in card form
    Watsuki-sensei's Preliminary Sketch of Aoshi