"Sono kodoku ikari sakebi
Kono mune de namida fuite
Ataka na namida wa
Kouri tokasu HARVEST RAIN
--Misao (Ice Blue Eyes)

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  • About Misao
    Both anime & the real-life Misao

  • Aa! Aoshi-sama! - The Aoshi Shrine

    Aoshi no Profile

    Full Name: Shinomori Aoshi
    Occupation: Okashira (leader) of the Oniwabanshu
    Voice Actor: Yasuhara Yoshito
    Age: 26 (at the beginning)
    Blood Type: ?
    Birthday: ?
    Shinomori Aoshi is the brooding, cold leader of the Oniwabanshu. He is a master at kempo and also with swords, particularly with kodachi. He first appears in Rurouni Kenshin episode 8(?) of the anime and Manga Vol. 3.
    His story begins in RK with the Oniwabanshu, former guard for the Tokugawa shoguns, working for the corrupt Kanryuu. After an inevitable defeat, Aoshi disappears from the storyline and then appears again in the Kyoto Arc with a vengeance (in more ways than one ^_-.) Always bent on proving his own strength, he is now obsessed with proving that the Oniwabanshu were the strongest. His personality takes a turn to the dark(er) side, and his skills improve vastly as he taps the darkness in his heart. He's fairly hell-bent on destroying "Himura Battousai." I'm not going to say anymore than I have, you'll just have to watch the series or read the manga. ;)
    He never smiles in the manga (or the anime) and has lead a fairly serious life. He always appears cold and detached, but he's hiding his emotions. He obviously has a gentle, caring side because he is protective of Misao and doesn't wish to see her hurt.
    On a less objective note, isn't Aoshi-sama just the hottest thing you've ever seen? I love black hair and blue eyes...and especially trenchcoats *drools*. Anyway.. ;)

    Attacks & Techniques
  • Kodachinitou-Ryu
      Aoshi's sword technique
  • Kaiten Kenbu (called in subs Waterflow Technique)
      With this attack Aoshi-sama moves so switfly that the enemy (or Kenshin) think they are surrounded by multiple Aoshis (where can I sign up for this?!?!) He then can strike with the enemy not knowing where he will come from.
  • Watsuki-sensei's Inspiration for Aoshi

    Apparently, Watsuki Nobuhiro (the creator of Rurouni Kenshin) is a HUGE Shinsengumi fan. The character of Shinomori Aoshi is based on Hijikata Toshizou who is portrayed as a man who controlled his emotions with the facade of a demon. In his heart he cried, and in his heart he kept his weaknesses. This is Watsuki-sensei's inspiration personality wise.
    He created Aoshi's look by modernizing a sketch of Hijikata. He also says that he took the trenchoat from a popular American comic book, can anyone say X-Men? I knew you could. ;)