A desire.
A Battle.
A Dream.
You are a warrior."
--Misao (Ice Blue Eyes)

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  • About Misao
    Both anime & the real-life Misao

  • Aa! Aoshi-sama! - The Aoshi Shrine

    Fan Section
    This section is very small right now, but I hope it'll be getting lots bigger. Send in any fanfics with Aoshi (as a major role), fanart, anything that you've created about Aoshi or has Aoshi in it. ;)

    Fanfiction, Poetry, And Other Writings:

    • Frozen Aoshi - by Anime no Miko (aka Makimachi Misao)
      This is sort of a "song" that goes to a Madonna song of the same name.
    • Misao's Journey - by Anime no Miko (aka Makimachi Misao)
      A Fanfic in progress starring Misao and Aoshi too..