"I am waiting for you,
I am waiting for you,
I am waiting for you..."
--Misao (Ice Blue Eyes)

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  • About Misao
    Both anime & the real-life Misao

  • Aa! Aoshi-sama! - The Aoshi Shrine

    About Misao: Real & Anime

  • Misao's Mini-Shrine to Herself
  • Misao's Song to Aoshi
    Lyrics to Ice Blue Eyes
  • Watsuki-sensei's Inspiration for Misao
  • Information on Janelle
    (aka the Shrine Miko, Shinomori Misao)

    Why Misao? Why not Misao. :) I love this girl! She's smart, gentle, strong, and got such an awesome attitude. Not to mention the fact she's a ninja-chick and in love with Aoshi-sama. I personally don't see the Weasel connection, but hey, ya know, whatever. :)